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See what other people are saying about our Fountainhead apartments! At Fountainhead Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I recommend the property. We are new to the complex and our first few months here have been positive. The process of applying was extremely easy and a bit less tedious than another apartment we had spoken to before this one. It is quiet, but people are still quite nice. There is plenty of grass for those that want a dog. Parking can occasionally be a walk, but it is at least always there. Maintenance has always been quick and the management makes sure to follow up on if things were fixed in a reasonable time. There is plenty of closet space, especially with the added storage closet outside with the deck. The apartment is plenty roomy with space to have a defined dining room and sizable living room. The appliances all work just like new and were exquisitely clean when we moved in. The area is perfect to be in the middle of everything. Right by 435 and on Wornall to be an easy trip all the way to downtown. Our experience has been pretty good and will suggest the property to others.


I recommend this property I love the Staff, The Office Manager Pam and the Maintenance man are the ones I see the most. Pam is so polite in person or on the phone, you advise them of issues and it is repaired right away. Our maintenence man speaks to you when he is on the grounds, he even offers to help carry things for take down like trash as he knows I have a disability. The grounds of this apartment complex are very pretty compared to others in the area, the pond fountain drowns out any noise of traffic and sounds like rain. - we have live in two apartments while here I love our first apartment was near the pond. I loved it coming home it was so peaceful and relaxing. That apartment was smaller is why we switched apartments after the first year the kitchen cabniets and appliances were brand new in that one. I loved that apartment our neighbors were so friendly I hated leaving those neighbors but we need a larger unit. The transfer was easy to the new apartments, the new one we are in now has and the renovated units look very clean with the white cabinets. Newer appliances, and w/d option I off the kitchen is nice.. - Maintenance is handled nearly immediately - and he is great! The parking is hard in the building we live in now its just the way it is arranged, because of the amount of building's on that side. Not to mention he amount of people who have guests over that take up prime spaces they should have guest park towards back of complex. That NOT the landlords fault it's inconsiderate younger tenants fault, at least it's quiet you don't hear loud music or people outide fighting. We do have the option to have a covered reserved spot I just wish people who don't pay for those spots would not try to park there or park in handicapped spaces if they are not handicapped. Overall, amazing place to live - it's in convenient location (a stone's throw away from 435). And the staff is probably the most efficient and friendly that I've ever experienced from a landlord-tenant situation. We resigned our lease for a third year, I loved all the new improvements they made make it a beautiful place to live. We love it here and recommend it as a great apartment to live in.


I recommend this property I love the Staff, The Office Manager Pam and the Maintenance man are the ones I see the most. Pam is so polite in person or on...


I recommend this property I love the Staff, The Office Manager Pam and the Maintenance man are the ones I see the most. Pam is so polite in person or on...



The manager here cares about the residents, She goes above and beyond to keep this complex top notch. I would recommend seeing Pam to inquire about living at fountainhead apartments. The construction work has updated the complex to a modern look and feel. I recommend anyone looking for a nice complex to call home visit the office and inquire as you will not be disappointed.



This was a fabulous place to live. Me and my family of three just moved out of fountainhead in the last year, and we could not have been happier about our experience there. The management staff is always there and willing to talk about anything and everything to do with your apartment or anything in general. The maintenance staff has one guy on all the time and he is a great help with anything that you need to have done to your place. Call anytime and somebody can be right over to help you out with whatever you need. If anyone is looking for a great experience in apartment renting I would recommend Fountainhead every single time.


This is a wonderful place to live. The management cares greatly about the residents' complaints. The maintenance men get their jobs done and the company hires the perfect amount of people to keep the property running smoothly. The place is super quiet and the pool is always open. Management has been changed many times and rightly so. In the past the company has not chosen the right people to manage the property but the current manager is perfect for the job. I would recommend Fountainhead to anyone looking for a home.


its large, clean, and very cozy. the staff is easy to get a hold of, and very responsive. it is just north to the beginning part of the indian creek bike trail, that stretches all the way to south olathe... and there is a pool

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